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    Top 3 Reason to say NO to Piercing Guns

    As a professional piercer for over 13 years, I am very passionate about safe piercing, and extremely passionate about spreading the word that piercings guns pose more of a threat than most people realize. While I am not here to judge, I am here to educate! While some parents may think it strange to bring their children into a tattoo shop to have their ears pierced, it’s becoming more common as more awareness is created. We at Eighth Empire operate a family friendly shop, and want children and their parents to feel comfortable while visiting. While we don’t exactly recommend you bring your child in for your own piercing or tattoo appointment, we are happy…

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    Oranges and Pomelos and Pig Skin, OH MY!

    I’ve been working in the Tattoo industry as a piercer for over 12 years now, and I LOVE it. Piercing hands down is the job I love the most. I’ve always been into art as well, drawing, painting, casting…. but every time someone would ask if (or when) I was going to get into tattooing, I would always say no. Honestly, I was afraid, I just didn’t feel like I’d have the talent to do it. I know I have the skills to paint and be artistic in other ways, but did I have what it took to be a tattoo artist? Well, after a lot of encouragement from my co-workers, and…


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