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    Dear Mom,

    Dear Mom, You are awesome. More awesome than a possum. Though really, possums aren’t that awesome, are they? I tried…. Happy Mothers Day! But seriously. My mom is awesome. She is supportive, and kind, and a bitch when she needs to be. She’ll set me straight, talk me down, keep me calm. She makes me laugh and wipes my tears. I hope to be half the mom to my boys as she was to me. So thank you mom. Thank you for years of putting up with my shit. Believing in me. Listening to me whine. Keeping me sane! I love you, more than I can say! Happy Mothers Day!

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    WTF Wednesday: Ummm, Hi Blog?

    WTF. Kind of dropped the ball on this thing. I don’t even really have time to update now. But I will. I promise. So if you’re still out there, stay tuned. Comprende? In the meantime, check out this Beaver Skull I got all artsy fartsy with. Thank you to the awesome client who brought it by for me!


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