Tattoo Day


Please take the time to read through the following strict guidelines before your appointment.

♥At this time, you will come to your appointment ALONE. Support friends or family members will not be permitted in the space. If you show up with anyone but yourself, they will not be allowed into the studio – NO exceptions

♥Please come AT your appointment time, not early. Once outside, send an email letting me know you have arrived. I will respond and let you know when to come down. 

♥All consultations will be done online until further notice – via email or video chat. Deposits to be sent by EMT. 

♥You will be REQUIRED to wear a mask AT ALL TIMES during your appointment. If you are unable to wear a mask for any reason, or fail to keep it on, you will not be tattooed. If you are unable to bring your own mask, I will provide one to you at a small fee. *During the current OMRICON surge, you will be asked to wear a KN95 mask, or two ASTM Medical grade masks. If you only have cloth, we will offer you a medical grade mask to add under it. 

♥Once you arrive at the studio, you will be asked to sanitize your hands and your cell phone. You will then be required to fill both a Covid Track form and your Tattoo Release form (Find below). These forms are now all digital and you’ll be asked to scan a QR Code on your phone to fill it out. If your phone does not allow that, you will have an option to use our designated tablet. 

♥Once you have filled out the paper work, you will be asked to sit in the PINK chair at the tattoo station. At this time the waiting area/couch is off limits. Please refrain from touching any of the decor. 

♥No food or drink will be permitted in the studio. If you will need a break to eat, you will be asked to go to your car, and then asked to wash and sanitize your hands and phone on your return. 

♥Tattoos on the neck, chest or face are not permitted at this time. 

♥Please read the COVID-19 Screening Questions Below. It is VERY IMPORTANT to let me know if you have any of these symptoms BEFORE your appointment in order to keep your deposit secure. If you show up to your appointment sick, or with any of these symptoms and have not disclosed it to me, you will forfeit your deposit. If you start to feel sick leading up to your tattoo, or can answer YES to ANY of these questions, please promptly email me to cancel. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this over and for your understanding! I look forward to seeing you in the studio soon! 



Please click pink link that pops up on the bottom left hand corner of the screen to fill out your Screening and Release Forms. 

♥ Covid forms MUST be filled out within 2 hours of your appointment start time, or you will be asked to re-do them. 

♥ If this is your first time in the studio, you’re asked to fill out your tattoo release form in person with Photo ID (no matter your age)


online waiver
waiver app
electronic waiver
digital waiver


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